Cardiac Troponin I (CTnl) Rapid Test

Cardiac Troponin I (CTnl) Rapid Test

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Cardiac Troponin I (CTnI) Rapid Test is based on the technical principle of the double anti-sandwich method. It is simple to operate and does not require any instrumentation. Comprehensive specimen coverage, whole blood, serum and plasma samples can be tested. The test is rapid and the results are easy to interpret, taking 10 minutes to interpret. Highly stable, stored at room temperature and valid for up to 24 months. High sensitivity, accuracy and specificity.

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Cardiac troponin (CTnl) is one of the three subunits of troponin present in cardiac muscle and is the inhibitorysubunit. After myocardial cell injury, CTnl is released from the myocardial cells and generally increases in theperipheral blood 5-8h after myocardial injury, with the highest value at 12-24h, and the increase can last for 7-10days.CTnl has become one of the most sensitive and specific markers of myocardial cell injury.

lntended use

This product is used for the qualitative determination of cardiac troponin l in human whole blood, serum and plasma samples.

Operation steps and result interpretation

Cardiac Troponin I (CTnl) Rapid Test1

1. Positive (+):Two purple-red bands appear.One is located in the detection area (T), and the other is located in the quality control area (c).

2. Negative (-): only a purple-red band appears in the quality controlarea(C).There is no purple-red band in thedetection area(T).

3. lnvalid: There is no purple-red band in the quality controlarea (C).In anycase, it should be retested.

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