Dengue NS1 Antigen Rapid Test

Dengue NS1 Antigen Rapid Test

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Dengue NS1 Antigen Rapid Test is based on the technical principle of the double anti-sandwich method. It is easy to use, does not require any equipment or additional tests, Comprehensive specimen coverage, whole blood, serum and plasma samples can be tested. Direct and rapid qualitative detection, results in 15 minutes, good stability, can be stored at room temperature for 24 months, High sensitivity, accuracy and specificity.

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Dengue fever is an acute infectious disease caused by the dengue virus and transmitted by mosquitoes, withpatients and latently infected persons being the main source of infection.It is characterised by a rapid onset, highfever, generalised muscle, bone marrow and joint pain, extreme fatigue and, in some cases, rash, haemorrhagictendencies and swollen lymph nodes, and is the most serious arboviral disease causing human morbidity andmortality.

lntended use

For the qualitative detection of dengue virus NS1 antigen in human whole blood, serum or plasma to aid in thediagnosis of primary and secondary dengue infection.

Operation steps and result interpretation

Dengue NS1 Antigen Rapid Test2

1. Positive (+):Two purple-red bands appear.One is located in the detection area (T), and the other is located in the quality control area (c).

2. Negative (-): only a purple-red band appears in the quality controlarea(C).There is no purple-red band in thedetection area(T).

3. lnvalid: There is no purple-red band in the quality controlarea (C).In anycase, it should be retested.

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Dengue NS1 Antigen Rapid Test3

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