Fanttest COVID-19/Influenza A&B Antigen Test Kit Special Report on Australia’s 9News


Since the 20th century, human beings have experienced at least five pandemics of infectious diseases, which have caused catastrophic damage to life, health and social economy. The first four were mainly caused by influenza A viruses: H1N1 in 1918, H2N2 in 1957, H3N2 in 1968, H1N1 in 2009, and the new coronavirus caused by SARS-CoV-2 in December 2019.

Fanttest COVID-19/Influenza A&B Antigen Test Kit are currently available for sale in major Australian pharmacies. Our products were featured on 9News Australia.

The product can test users for both COVID-19 and flu infections in 15 minutes. The TGA said the institutions that approved the tests had reviewed clinical and analytical data that demonstrated they met minimum performance standards for COVID-19 and influenza self-tests. The new rapid test kit could quickly guide Australians to the appropriate treatment. People who test positive for influenza should consult their doctor about follow-up clinical care, and those who test positive for COVID-19 should consult their local health department.

Post time: Jul-13-2023
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