Fanttest’S Unique Culture.

Hangzhou Fanttest Biotech Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise, takes “interpreting life, achieving health” as its core concept and “five ratio” as its core value system like below:

One: A little better than yesterday

Two: A bit ahead of the industry.

Three:A bit faster than their peers.

Four: A bit more accurate than competing products.

Five:A little higher than customer expectations.

We are committed to surpassing ourselves every day, making more high-quality and accurate products, providing services to hospitals, testing institutions, and future family-based health and medical diagnosis services, and we are committed to let everyone fully understand themselves anytime, anywhere Health status.

Early detection, early diagnosis, and early treatment are our health plans, and every step is implemented for them.

Antibody Rapid Test Kit

Also five rigorous company policy one is Sales policy means  precise marketing, caring for customers. Purchasing policy is to achieve win-win cooperation and long-term cooperation. Three is technical policy means scientific and convenient and continuous and stable.Four is Quality policy: stable quality, do things right once. Because in the production process of products, quality is the most important, to ensure the quality of products is the key to our growth, every step of the production process control is the highest mission of our quality department. The last one is environmental policy: low carbon environmental protection, green nature. We love our homeland, and we also implement the strategy of sustainable development, make the best use of the material, and optimize the configuration.

Coronavirus Rapid Test Human Use

Our Company culture:

Our Enterprise goal is to be an international leading brand of innovative diagnostics! To be a world-class instant diagnostic product service provider!

Corporate Tenet is leading Technology, Emphasizing Talent, Quality First, Establishing Brand, Creating Value. Ordinary achieves greatness.( Meaning: With a caring heart to achieve health, doing every little thing well in the ordinary post that is great) is Enterprise spirit.

Let doctors walk into the family to achieve everyone self-examination and self-testing, realize that everyone understands their own health at the minimum cost, life is supreme, passing on the mission of health from generation to generation is enterprise mission. In one word is we do our best to let life be transparent and healthy.

Post time: Apr-19-2021