Safety issues of Covid 19 vaccination

For more than a year, every small progress related to the vaccine has attracted people’s attention. The latest data shows that as of 0:00 on March 23, 2021, my country has received 80.463 million doses of new coronavirus vaccine, and the number of vaccinations is steadily increasing. Today, the editor has compiled some common questions about the new covid 19 vaccine, and I hope to help you!

Regarding the durability of the new covid 19 vaccine protection, it has just been approved for market use, so the immunity persistence is still under continuous observation.

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The scope of the population for the new covid 19 vaccine is under the premise of priority vaccination for key populations, vaccination for 18-59-year-olds will be carried out simultaneously. In the second half of 2021, vaccinations for the elderly (≥60 years old) and patients with underlying diseases will be initiated in due course; at the same time, immunization strategies will be adjusted in time based on the progress of clinical trials of the new coronavirus vaccine.

The vaccination in our country is free.

Circumstances not recommended for new covid 19 vaccine are like below:

According to the data of clinical trials that have been carried out, the following populations are temporarily excluded from the scope of this vaccination:

(1) Those who have had a vaccine allergic reaction in the past;

(2) Those suffering from acute diseases, severe chronic diseases, acute onset of chronic diseases and fever;

(3) Pregnant and lactating women, women who have a childbirth plan within 3 months of vaccination;

(4) Those who suffer from uncontrolled epilepsy and other progressive neurological diseases, and those who have a history of Guillain-Barré syndrome. The specific instructions of the vaccine shall prevail.

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Preparation before getting the new covid 19  vaccine:

(1) Bring your ID card and mask;

(2) Bring the vaccination certificate during vaccination;

(3) Wear a coat that can expose the deltoid muscle of the upper arm on the day of vaccination;

(4) Fully understand your own health status, history of allergies, disease history, and previous vaccine reactions, etc., and inform the doctor truthfully when it is convenient to vaccinate.

Precautions after vaccinating the new covid 19 vaccine:

Stay on the spot for 30 minutes after vaccination, and avoid personal contact with known allergens and common allergens within one week after vaccination.

What are the common ills that may occur after vaccination with the new covid 19 vaccine

Reaction: Local adverse reactions after vaccination are mainly pain at the inoculation site, including local itching, swelling, induration, and redness. Systemic adverse reactions are mainly fatigue and fatigue, including fever, muscle pain, headache, cough, diarrhea, nausea, etc. Anorexia and allergies, etc. If it happens you feel unwell after returning home, you can consult the doctor at the vaccination site through the contact information on the informed consent form, and seek immediate medical attention if necessary.

Hope everyone is in good health.

Post time: Apr-19-2021