What can you make in a cast iron skillet?

A simple Google search will unravel hundreds of skillet recipe ideas, from one-pan chicken pot pie to cheesy enchiladas. But the best thing to cook, according to Norma’s executive chef Giovann Attard, is meat. He explains: “Cast iron pans are the best for meat in my opinion. I love a cast iron griddle pan, it’s the closest thing you can have to a BBQ inside the house. The heat is distributed evenly, and it holds for a long time, which helps in getting a good sear on your meat.”

Selin Kiazim from luxury Turkish restaurant Oklava agrees, adding: “the cooking surface will always stay flat which is perfect for caramelising a steak. The other big plus point is that a cast iron pan can go in the oven, making it perfect for cooking items where you may want to get a crispy skin with some oven time. I use mine for roasting chicken, cooking fish, searing cabbage wedges etc. I couldn’t do without it, frankly.”

In addition,for Ghai, a cast iron pan is ideal for creating Indian cuisine. He says: “they are perfect for slow cooking curries, frying meats and also baking. I personally prefer to make Rogan Josh dal fry and fresh fenugreek with potato stir fry in cast iron skillets as this is the best way to maximise flavour and colour of the dish.”

Post time: Feb-18-2022