• Disposable saliva sample collector (COVID-19 TEST)

    Disposable saliva sample collector (COVID-19 TEST)

    The disposable saliva sample collector is intended for the collection, storage and transport individual saliva samples, and the collected saliva samples are used for COVID-19 nucleic acid test. Environmental: Obtain inspection results paperlessly. High accuracy, Authoritative test results provided by professional institutions. Sampling is convenient just spit the saliva gently to get the sample. Convenient: Samples are stable and stored at room temperature without cold chain transporation. Safe: Painless collection, no harm to human body. The sample stabilization buffer has the function of inactivating virus and preventing nucleic acid degradation, and can effectively prevent the degradation, and can effectively prevent the damage caused by transportation leakage. It can be done through individual autonomy or Enterprises collect saliva centrally and send it to authoritative institutions for testing, which can effectively avoid incorrect test results caused by improper personal operation, and individuals, business owners and the government can learn about the COVID-19 infection through the APP applet and conduct effective isolation to quickly control the spread of the epidemic.