Strep A Antigen Rapid Test

Strep A Antigen Rapid Test

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The Strep A rapid test uses a highly specific antibody-antigen reaction principle. The product is easy to store and transport and can be stored at room temperature for up to 24 months. It is simple to use, no special equipment is required, just a sample and a reading, easy to read. The test is rapid and results can be read in 5 minutes. The product is highly accurate, with high sensitivity and specificity.

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Group A Streptococcus haemolyticus, also known as Streptococcus pyogenes in Chinese, is the most pathogenic ofthe streptococdi. it is one of the most common pathogens in paediatric upper respiratory tract infections , with apositive rate of about 23.2% in children with respiratory tract infections, and often causes nephritis and rheumaticfever. The most common type of streptococcal infection is an infection of the pharynx (streptococcal pharyngitis).Typical symptoms of this sudden onset include sore throat, chils, fever,nausea,vomiting and rapid heartbeat. Thepharynx is red, the tonsils are swollen and the lymph nodes in the neck are enlarged and painf ul to the touch.convulsions may occur in paediatric patients.

lntended use

This productis used for the in witroqualitatve detection of group A beta haemolytic streptococci (Strep A) in humanthroat swabs.

Operation steps and result interpretation

Rotavirus Antigen Rapid Test1

1. Positive(+): Two purple-red bands appear.One is located in the detection area (T), and the other is located inthe quality controlarea(c).

2. Negative(-): only a purple-red band appears in the quality control area(C).There is no purple-red band in thedetection area (T).

3. lnvalid: There is no purple-red band in the quality controlarea (C).In anycase, it should be retested.

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Rotavirus Antigen Rapid Test2

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