Adeno/Rota Antigen Rapid Test

Adeno/Rota Antigen Rapid Test

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The rapid adenovirus/rotavirus antigen test is based on the technical principle of the double anti-sandwich method. It can be used for the qualitative detection of adenovirus antigen and rotavirus antigen in faecal samples. It is a simple and convenient procedure, easy to interpret, can be judged visually and results can be interpreted in 10 minutes. High sensitivity, high specificity and high accuracy.

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Rotavirus and adenovirus are the main pathogens responsible for infectious gastroenteritis in infants and children,but they are also found in adults,mainly through faecal-oral transmission. The main symptoms of viralgastroenteritis are watery diarrhoea and vomiting. Infected patients may also experience headache, fever andabdominal cramps (stomach pain). 5ymptoms usually start 1-2 days after infection and last for 1-10 days,depending on the virus ( 3 days for rotavirus ,5-B days for adenovirus).

lntended use

This product is used for the qualitative detection of rotavirus and adenovirus antigens in faecal samples frominfants andchildren.

Operation steps and result interpretation

AdenoRota Antigen Rapid Test

1. ADV Positive(+): Two purple-red bands appear.Oneis located in the detection area (A), and the other is located in thequality controlarea (C).

2. RV Positive (+): Two purple-red bands appear.One is located in the detection area (R), and the otheris locatedin the quality control area(C).

3. ADV &RV Positive (+): Three purple-red bands appear. Two are located in the detection area(A、R), and theother is located in the qua lity controlarea(C).

4. Negative(-): only a purple-red band appears in the quality control area(C). There is no purple-red band in the detectionarea (A、R).

5. Invalid:There is no purple-red band in the quality controlarea (C).In any case, it should be retested.

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